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Updated: Feb 13, 2023



We will continue to talk about Amethyst in this second article which represents the second module of the training offered by Melanie Dupont. To read the first article > CLICK HERE <.

In the first module we started with Amethyst. A stone that will help us in the transmutation that is going on in the current period we are living. I remind you that it works on the 3rd eye to bring us a more enlightened vision of ourselves. It allows us to connect to our spiritual side because it also works on the coronal chakra by activating our intuition. Then on the solar plexus by activating self-confidence and helping us to let go.


To begin, I will share with you the messages of the cards we drew at the beginning of the day, which represent our small group of initiates. They will also speak to you even though the messages were specific to each person and at the same time to everyone because some cards were drawn several times.

"When you work you are like a flute that in its heart changes into music the murmur of time".

"Continue on your way, do not stop, for perfection is ahead of you".

"Where to look for beauty and where to find it, without making it the track that guides you?"

"Elect beauty as your religion"


In the first module we said that the energy of the Amethyst would help us to transmute in a positive way. It will help us to position ourselves "I am ready to receive the answer" and to align our body/soul/spirit. When we feel that it is difficult, emotionally or physically for example, or when we experience an event that seems insurmountable, it is because the work is in progress. It is difficult because we are working on what we need to unblock, it brings to light the shadow area. This is why we must always formulate our wishes in positive terms. For example, "I feel bad in my body, I don't want to be depressed anymore" -> I want to bring joy into my life and into my body.

Remember that nothing happens by chance. You will realize with time that a painful passage brings joy afterwards, that without this ordeal you would never have known happiness. It is with time that we can analyze our past and understand the path we have taken.

Amethyst's gift to us is "what needs to transmute?" Visualize the stone or the purple flame on the situation. Some may know the difference, but the flame represents the energy of the stone. Everyone visualizes in their own way as a sacred fire. For example, I use it in my meditations (by positioning the stone in a specific place) to heal my pains and tensions felt in the cervicals and along the spine. I see and feel a swirl of violet light that will transform this pain to strengthen my bones and make it disappear. Or to transform that pain into an energy that will fill the body with love. Ask yourself what you want to bring into the world, for each one has its own melody and energy. Yes, because our thoughts are creative! Be careful with your thoughts, because they materialize in matter (wasn't every material thing imagined before being created physically?)

The universe is in perpetual evolution, since it hates emptiness, it constantly seeks to fill it. That's why the human being (linked by energy to the whole universe) is not made to stagnate in a perpetual routine of subway/work/sleep. We did not come to earth for that, but to learn constantly. "I am, I take my place, I call myself for a reason. Our name heals and makes eco in us, since we chose to incarnate here and now (yes, yes we chose our family and our own name, but that's another story). All this to tell you that to transmute it is necessary to name the situation, the fear is the impostor syndrome, because we are often in conscious or unconscious self-sabotage. If it helps you, find a simple word, funny, to name what you want to change.

Amethyst helps us to put energy into matter, by capturing it. We connect to it to give birth in our lives. I take my place in existing because I am legitimate. If I have a message to pass I give it, the truth does not belong to us. We must not leave our power in the hands of someone else, we are the ones who choose and who assume our choices. The stone helps us to have a more sensitive perception and to refine it. It works on our dreams and nightmares with our desired dreams in our life. Our subconscious will speak to us through them. Ask the stone to help us understand to decode them, as it helps bring to light the hidden things.

When we are upset, upset, violent or angry, we must welcome our emotions without absorbing them. At this moment, many of us feel bipolar. In a few seconds, we feel an emotional elevator within us. We can be full of energy or enthusiasm for an activity and 10 minutes later we don't want to do anything. This is "normal", it is the energy of the moment. Amethyst is the ideal stone, because it helps us to trust and be trusted about the betrayals we suffer and the one we inflict on ourselves. Why am I lying to myself? It is what we can call the little death: we do not recognize ourselves anymore, we are lost, in full questioning, it is that the transmutation is in progress. Keep in mind that energy is changing, the energy of the earth is scientifically measured, it grows, it rises in frequency. It is therefore natural that the energy of its inhabitants is growing at the same time since we are all linked. When a person puts himself in his cocoon, closes in on himself after an ordeal (=death of the caterpillar), he wants to be in his own pain. A feeling of tiredness, of being emptied, because it is afraid to take control, but to take control is to transform itself into a butterfly. You have to understand and control your emotions to grow.

Once you have meditated and worked with your stone, you must purify it. It has helped you by absorbing your energy. After each care you have to clean your stones, because they are initiatory for us. You can soak it in salt water, or use a Tibetan bowl to harmonize it. The fumigation will transform the negative into positive and charge the corresponding ions.

We finished the day with a group meditation, then we held out our hands and new stones were offered to us in the hollow of our hands to give us a deep rooting connected to the earth: the Moquis.

To write the texts, I am inspired by Melanie's teaching, what she channels, and my own experience. A special moquis article will be available here, as her teaching came during the module once our experience was done with her two "alien" stones.


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