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Updated: Feb 15, 2022

The name Amazonite comes from the Amazon River where it was first discovered. Stone of happiness and joy that removes sadness and stress.

Origin I chose: Peru


Amazonite is connected to the heart chakra: Anahata (tenderness and love) and the throat chakra: Vishuddha (facilitates understanding and dialogue).


Amazonite's main physical virtues are to fight against states of sadness and stress. And it is an ideal stone to absorb microwaves, electromagnetic waves and electrostatic waves.

It also works on other areas such as sexual deficiencies or problems related to emotionality by regulating them.

Amazonite strengthens the immune system and is recommended for problems related to the lymphatic and respiratory system. It also helps to relieve joint pain and cramps. Strengthens hair, bones as it helps the absorption of calcium and calms skin problems.

The stone works on physical and mental disorders, related to sexuality (vaginal flora, lack of desire, erection problems...).


Amazonite has the psychological virtues of working on tenderness and love. It has a soft energy that naturally calls for tenderness when we look inside. It invites us to settle down and its color reminds us of the water that flows slowly to soothe us. It thus brings a feeling of happiness and offers serenity in the certainty of good and removes all forms of negative thoughts.

When applied to the throat chakra, amazonite offers gentleness and sincerity in loving exchanges by facilitating dialogue and understanding. It relaxes emotions and allows us to express ourselves through better communication.

It allows to reinforce the feminine behavior, and to harmonize the masculine while calming the ardors.


It can be purified by Fumigation (incense, sage...), by water, by putting it on a flower of life, or with the singing of the Tibetan bowl.


It can be recharged by placing it on a Flower of Life, by taking a full moon or sun bath or with our intention.


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