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Dernière mise à jour : 8 juil. 2021



I am starting an exciting training that will take place throughout the year with Melanie Dupont. A training that will link a small group of individuals, who together will learn, evolve and increase their energy. To better feel the potential, the power of stones and the universe that is linked to all this. I chose this training because I was immediately attracted by this initiatory journey to the heart of our abilities. For several years, I had been looking for a training in lithotherapy without having found my happiness. My goal is to help you to better choose your stone, to perceive your needs and to be able to advise you by choosing and feeling the stones with high vibratory rate.

In the first module we started with Amethyst. A stone that will help us in the transmutation that is going on in the current period we are living. So I left with my little Amethyst geode (very powerful).

To begin we are all different, we have our own emotions, feelings and especially beliefs. Each one has his own path, his own work and learning to do on earth.


Amethyst, that beautiful purple stone! A mineral that represents the strength and the seventh Chakra, the most spiritual. It makes us feel the strength within us while helping us in our daily life not to be overwhelmed by the negative.

I will take back the words of Melanie during the training and during the interview made on Rayonnance tv ("La Flamme Violette et l'améthyste" video Youtube): "Amethyst is a powerful protection. It is a stone which calms, which brings appeasement and serenity. It allows us to take a step back from certain people. It invites us to be more spiritual by changing our look on life and on people. Amethyst will help us to transmute. The vibration of this stone is high at the moment and it is powerful. It raises our vibrational frequencies as it helps to elevate us on our spiritual path and aligns the body, soul and spirit."

Amethyst also works on embodying the sacred masculine. It will repair the image of the father, the man who is the authority, as a reconciliation with his masculine part. She invites us to trust the man to let him honor the woman. And conversely, she will work on the "sinister mother" with the archetype of the feminine energy in love and benevolence. It leads to a thought of action, of movement. It helps to feel what is good for the soul, what makes the world shine, to capture, to channel the subtle world, hysoterism, magic... (call it what you will) and to put it into the matter.

Amethyst will also be the stone of mourning and life change. With the period we are going through you can understand why it is our ideal companion for 2021.


The violet flame is the essence of one of the "seven rays". Just as a ray of sunlight passing through a prism is refracted to produce the seven colors of the rainbow, so does spiritual light manifest in seven rays. Each ray has a specific color, frequency and quality of Divine Consciousness. The violet ray is known as the seventh ray.

We can work with it in meditation. When we invoke it, let's visualize it coming down as a ray of spiritual energy and bursting into our hearts as a spiritual flame with qualities of mercy, forgiveness, justice, freedom and transmutation.

Saint Germain is known as the Lord of the Seventh Ray. Whenever we pray to him, he brings us many gifts of the Holy Spirit - gifts of joy, diplomacy and creativity. He can inspire us with his innovations in science, literature, religion, government, philosophy, education, healing, alchemy and other areas. For nearly seventy years, St. Germain has been preparing us to enter the Aquarian Age, an age of peace, freedom and enlightenment. He appeared to Guy Ballard in the early 1930s and gave him the first teaching on the violet flame. St. Germain said that after centuries of keeping the knowledge of the violet flame secret, the Masters decided to make it known to the public during this crucial period. Saint Germain said, "The use of the devouring violet flame is more precious to you and to all mankind than all the wealth, gold and jewels on this planet.

Be careful if you use an Amethyst geode or a rough stone not to keep it in your pocket all day. (For that there are rolled stones which are less powerful). This type of stone is used for care or meditations maximum 20 min (made to your ressentit).

To read the rest of the article, which corresponds to the second module, it is here >CLICK<


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