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I can finally offer you this wonder which is the flower of life with ease. It was specially made for the 4th creation in Italy with 925 silver (guaranteed free of nickel, lead and cadmium).

A sacred symbol used for thousands of years by many civilizations (we find it on the Mayan temples for example). It represents life, the energy which surrounds each living being: from small grass, to animals and passing by Man. It harmonizes and purifies the vibrational subtle bodies and the energy centers of the human body. Correct and mitigate geobiological blockages. It can be an excellent support for meditation / Yoga sessions. It calms the mind and helps in decision making.

You will have understood these benefits are very numerous! To wear every day without moderation.

Since it revitalizes and purifies it can be used for drinks and food, and especially natural stones!


The necklace is handcrafted in France, in my workshop in Savoie.

The silver chain with small balls measures 40 cm and the flower of life pendant 2 cm (the faces are identical). Ends with a chain of extension and an engraved feather Yc.


Do not sleep with jewelry.

Possibility to create tailor-made with the stone of your choice.

Free shipping from 50 € purchase.



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