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Earring Falls made with leather. In which I cut a diamond and a circle, which I sewn by hand. A collection of ethnic inspiration, very light to wear for all occasions. An original color association to bring out the natural pearl fixed by a fishing line. Ethical spirit with the green money used (recycled).


Many colors and pearls in one example available.

Dimension about 3 cm in diameter.

C hrysocolle is anti-inflammatory, promotes creativity and communication ...

▽ H owlite regulates the exchange of liquids in the body, helps in water retention and cellulite. And balances the calcium in the body. It promotes discernment, facilitates memory.

The J aspe is linked to the root chakra. A good ally to advance in life in a fulfilling way. Beneficial on the lower body: heavy legs and libido ...

O palite calm and helps fight against fatigue ...


Free shipping from 50 € order.
Sending letter followed by bubbles. Do not sleep with, do not wet, or spray perfume. In time the money can oxidize, it will suffice to clean it.

Earring with Diamond leather on round and its Stone


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