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Choosing the right size is essential to feel good about your bracelet.

Start by measuring the size of your wrist:

The easiest way is to use a tape measure. Wrap it around your wrist just below the bone and you will have the exact measurement.

If you don't have a tape measure, use a piece of string or wool and transfer the dimension to a ruler.

How to choose the size of the bracelet:

- the standard size for a women's bracelet: 17-18 cm

- the standard size for a man's bracelet: 19-20 cm

As far as possible, with the information you give me, I make custom-made jewelry.

For an optimal size, add 1-1.5 cm to your size for a tight bracelet and 2-2.5 cm for a loose bracelet. The beads vary in size as well.

And the diameter of the beads?

Smaller diameters (4mm or 6mm) are preferred for smaller wrists, as well as for children. Strong wrists (18-20mm) are not highlighted with 4mm beads, you should choose 8-10mm instead. Then it's all a matter of taste, desire and intuition :) So listen to your feelings and make yourself happy!

The bracelets are mounted on a silver chain or on a very resistant and thick elastic wire. The wire may relax over the years or/and your use before giving way, but they are made to last over time and to accompany you every day of your life.


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