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Stone of protection. Provenance Africa or Arizona (Kingman).

In ancient Egypt, it was used as an amulet. In Persia it was a currency. In East Asia, on the side of Tibet and India, the turquoise stone was used for its medicinal virtues.


Turquoise is connected to the solar plexus: Manipura, the heart plexus: Anahata, the throat chakra: Vishuddha and the 3rd eye: Ajna.


The virtues of Turquoise at the physical level it protects us from negative waves and electromagnetic waves. It stimulates the immune system, regulates body fluids (urine, blood, hormonal secretions or sperm) as well as the nervous system. Its use on the solar plexus allows to avoid intoxications, but also the excess of bad fats, acidity and it regulates the food. Then, used on the chakra of the throat, it will fight against the dysfunctions of lungs, and throat. It strengthens the body meridians as well as the energy fields. In lithotherapy, it is used to treat the stomach, rheumatism, cramps, joints and all kinds of pain (muscular, etc.). This stone is a detoxifier and a natural anti-inflammatory. It also helps to strengthen the sight.

The Tibetan Buddhists associate it with red coral, so that the whole symbolizes spiritual wealth and good fortune.


The emotional virtues of Turquoise are aiding in expression by obtaining release, and promoting expression with others through communication and listening. It soothes all forms of anger. It balances and unifies, harmonizing the mind and body. It develops empathy and is ideal for meditation as it is linked to the 3rd eye to develop intuitions or to strengthen each meditation. Turquoise will develop personal growth. Then by using it on the heart chakra, it strengthens friendship.

The turquoise avoids the change of mood in a random way and without reason. It helps to fight against fatigue, and against contrasting moods.


Clean it in fumigation (sage, incense), she hates water.


Recharge the Turquoise with a wave (Tibetan bowl), in a full moon bath, or on a geode.

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*The stones do not replace medical advice. If you are looking for alternative medicine, contact a professional in energy care or litotherapy.

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