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Rainbow moonstone or Opalescent from Sri Lanka. It is so named because of its color: a milky white tinged with blue, like the night star. Stone of Aphrodite.

In the Middle East, women wore moonstone to increase their fertility.


The physical virtues of the moonstone are linked to our feminine side. In all cultures it has been associated with the feminine principle, called the Yin in Chinese medicine, as the Moon is the feminine star, while the Sun symbolizes the masculine principle. It would represent the light which reassures in the darkness.

In lithotherapy, it would have curative properties against the feminine disorders (menopause, infertility, menstrual pains...). It would support the eroticism and the marital happiness. Would develop the sweetness and the tenderness, as well as the tolerance. The moonstone favors the full blooming of the maternal love and the lactation. The moonstone would bring happiness and would reduce the risks of accident. It would be for that the asset of the travelers.


The moonstone would increase the intuition, essentially feminine quality. It acts directly on the mental and astral bodies by harmonizing the emotions, thus facilitating reconciliation. This stone helps to develop sensitivity, creativity and gentleness. It accompanies in dreams and facilitates premonitory dreams. It helps in certain decisions which can be difficult and in a more just spirit.


It can be purified by Fumigation (incense, sage...), by water, by putting it on a flower of life, a geode or with the singing of the Tibetan bowl.


We recharge it by placing it on a Flower of Life, by taking a full moon bath, or with our intention.


*Les pierres ne remplacent pas un avis médical. Si vous recherchez une médecine douce ou alternative, rapprochez-vous d'un professionnel en soin énergétique ou lithothérapeute.

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