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Pierre de protection et claivoyance

Stone of protection and claivoyance

It is the ally of the practitioners (masseur, healer, magnetizer...). I work with a stone from Madagascar.

The Inuits believed that the Labradorite stone was a stone of fire from the aurora borealis. According to them, it was frozen by the cold at the highest point and then fell back to the ground. They also believed that it locked up the souls of the ancestors. Labradorite powder was also used to counter many ailments.


Labradorite stone is linked to the heart chakra, the fourth named: Anahata.


Labradorite has the virtue of increasing our ability to understand, see and hear better. It increases the powers of healing on oneself and on others. In particular, it would help to restore harmony between the feminine principle (Yin) and the masculine principle (Yang). This is why it is recommended for magnetizers and caregivers.

Labradorite helps its wearer to be less stressed, and it regulates his metabolism. It would have effects on the hormonal disorders, the blood pressure and it would reduce the tiredness.

One also associates to him the virtue to be defatigante when we are exhausted. It is regenerating at the physical and mental level, when we are in periods of exhaustion.


Labradorite has the virtue of constituting a kind of mental protection, to block all that can harm the clarity of the mind and the psychological balance. By helping not to suffer the empathic discomforts felt, it thus protects from the ill-being of others. Thus, it is especially recommended for people working in the medical field, or alternative medicine, and professions meeting many people... A Labradorite can be placed in a place (a medical office) to absorb negative waves. Its power of protection against mental pollution offers an effective support for meditators. Stone to be worn by the lonely hearts, it would increase the chances to finally meet the soul mate since it acts on the chakra of this one.

A stone that works a lot by absorbing energy, it is therefore recommended to purify it regularly.


It likes water (demineralized or of source) plunged it during several hours. Fumigation (sage, incense...), the Tibetan bowl but be careful, she hates salt (or put her in a glass and put the glass on a bed of salt).


Recharge it in a full moon bath (even if the weather is cloudy), on a Geode, a Flower of Life or by your intention.

Boucle d'oreille, longue, pendante, plume, labradorite, argent, fait main, vénitienne, ange gardien, protection, Yc Bijoux


*Stones are not a substitute for medical advice. If you are looking for a soft or alternative medicine, please contact a professional in energetic care or lithotherapist.

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