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Malachite helps "to leave the evil of the body".

Heals ailments and broken hearts.

Source I chose: Congo


Malachite is connected to the heart chakra: Anahata.


Malachite's main physical properties are to relieve and heal pain. It soothes them when the stone is placed on them. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to fight fever, headaches and painful periods. It accompanies us in a process of soft and natural healing.

It regulates blood circulation and facilitates the elimination of toxins from the body. It also promotes tissue regeneration and increases endurance. Its positive action on the whole body helps to strengthen the immune system of those who wear it daily.

Use this stone first, then rose quartz.


Malachite has the psychological virtues of reassurance and confidence. It strengthens the wearer's ability to persuade, leading to a structured and composed speech. Malachite protects and thus allows to develop considerably the positive energy, but also to absorb the negative energy.

In lithotherapy, the malachite stone is used at the heart chakra to restore the balance of the soul, and this is how we discovered it during the training. It brings balance to the body, opens the heart and heals it. Malachite helps in clairvoyance and allows us to remove anxieties and fears from the soul.

Useful in meditation, it allows interpreting dreams.

Malachite is a stone that facilitates the expression of feelings. It also helps us find sleep when we are agitated, and protects us from nightmares and harmful waves.


Malachite (like all protective stones) must be purified regularly of the energy it has absorbed. It can be purified by Fumigation (incense, sage...), by water, by putting it on a flower of life, or with the Tibetan bowl chant.


It is recharged by placing it on a Flower of Life, by taking a full moon or sun bath (light) or with our intention in the hollow of our hands.


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